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      The future development trend of folder gluer
      文章來源:Dongtai Jinghong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   發布日期:11-21   點擊率:1358

      In recent years, my country's packaging industry has developed rapidly, especially the box-gluer equipment, from the traditional to the current new generation of fully automatic box-gluer equipment, has undergone major reforms and innovations.

      With the development of the market today, where should the future development trend of folder-gluers go?

      How fast is the high-speed folder gluer

      The following are the future development trends of folder-gluers summarized by the editor based on the industry:

      1. High speed and high productivity.

      Nowadays, the market structure is changing. As a supplier, the first thing to do is to meet the needs of customers, especially the packaging industry has short operating cycles and high requirements for equipment, and must use equipment that can improve work efficiency.

      2. Fully automated production

      With the current increase in production costs, the use of fully automated production equipment can effectively reduce costs, and has extremely high quality assurance, while at the same time improving production efficiency.

      3. Multifunctional, high mobility

      In the current market, the development trend of multifunctional folder-gluing machines is becoming more and more fierce, and the realization of one machine with multiple functions is inevitable in the future.

      4. Possess small batch production capacity

      Many box-gluer equipment are mass-produced, which is not cost-effective for small-batch production of packaging products. If manufacturers make a little improvement in this aspect, they can speed up the promotion and application of the equipment.

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