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      Reasonable use of folder gluer equipment to reduce the scrap rate of folder gluer
      Article Source:Dongtai Jinghong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   Release date:2020-11-25   CTR:1388

      As one of the indispensable equipment in the packaging industry, the importance of the folder gluer is self-evident. It effectively makes the product more standardized, but in the use process, we cannot ignore an important issue. That is, in the process of traditional manual gluing, the rejection rate is very low, which is mainly due to factor control. At present, with the development of society, most companies use folder-gluer equipment, which has been able to control labor tension, but can make production more efficient.

      Although there are many advantages to using folder-gluer equipment, its rejection rate has always been a headache for users. How should users reduce the rejection rate of folder-gluing equipment when using folder-gluer equipment?

      Development status of folder-gluer industry

      In order to control the scrap rate of the box-gluer equipment, the editor recommends that users start with the adhesive used in the product. We know that the production process and structure of each packaging box are different, so the reasonable use of adhesives can be effective Reduce the scrap rate of products.

      The second is to control the entrance direction of the material. For example, in order to complete the carton gluing process better and faster, the fiber direction of the cardboard box or the corrugated direction of the corrugated carton should be as close as possible to the box gluing machine. The direction is vertical.

      The third is the detailed processing of the glue box, including: the detailed design of the glue box position; the edge of the paper should be designed as a straight line; the large product should be designed with the die-cut oblique method; the product and internal components should be avoided friction during the production .

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