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      The cause and solution of the empty sheet problem of the folder gluer
      Article Source:Dongtai Jinghong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   Release date:2020-11-29   CTR:1353

      Folder-gluer equipment is the final process of carton forming, which has a crucial decision on the quality of the product. In addition, it is also a test for operators. Experienced operators can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of life. So how to deal with the empty sheet problem of the folder-gluer in the actual operation of the folder-gluer?

      The empty sheet problem of the folder-gluer is caused by many factors, and the common reasons are as follows:

      1. The quality of the cardboard itself is too light, or there is curling, too much paper powder, etc., will cause empty sheets.

      Solution: Just increase the weight of the paper, or arrange the cardboard, and at the same time flatten the cardboard and shake off the paper powder.

      2. The quality of the cardboard is too light, the stack is not high enough, and the operator does not add the cardboard, so the friction of the equipment is not enough, and the empty sheet occurs.

      Solution: Only need the operator to add cardboard regularly.

      3. The angle of the support rod of the folder-gluer is too high, causing the cardboard to not be in good contact with the equipment, resulting in empty sheets.

      Solution: Just adjust the height of the support rod and keep it at an appropriate height.

      4. As the belt of the folder gluer is aging, slipping occurs.

      Solution: Only need to roughen the belt, increase its surface roughness, or increase the air jet device to solve this problem.

      The above are the several solutions to the empty sheet situation during the operation of the folder-gluer. I hope to help you effectively.

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