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      How to choose a folder gluer
      Article Source:Dongtai Jinghong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   Release date:2020-11-12   CTR:1515

      The application of the box gluer is the last process of packaging box processing. It is to fold the printed and die-cut cardboard and glue it to the mouth. The machine glue box replaces the manual box glue method, which reduces labor costs and improves efficiency. . Therefore, it is very important to buy a high-quality folder-gluer. When purchasing, pay attention to whether it is suitable for your product; the investment cost; and whether the manufacturer is professional.

      Folder gluer is divided into semi-automatic folder gluer and automatic folder gluer.

      Semi-automatic folder gluer

      Semi-automatic folder gluer is mainly used in large packaging boxes and corrugated boxes (boxes) and cartons that cannot be pasted by other automatic folder gluers. Its structure is simple, the equipment is large, sturdy, and reliable. It is easy to use and debug. It has a high frequency of use. Almost all boxes can be made on the semi-automatic folder gluer. The working procedures include automatic paper feeding, edging, gluing and then sending out through the belt, manual folding and forming, and then shaping by the air pressure table on one side (with six stations on one side). The machine-glued carton has a beautiful appearance, strong adhesive mouth, and saves glue. The output depends on the proficiency of the workers.

      Automatic folder gluer

      There are usually three types of automatic folder gluers.

      1. Ordinary side paste box gluing machine: It has the most basic two-side folding and two-side side paste functions. This type of box gluing machine has the highest market share and the widest application range. It is the most basic box gluing equipment to replace manual gluing.

      2. Folder-gluer with pre-folding: ordinary carton base

      Originally it is square (that is, four sides). Ordinary box gluer and manual glue box can only fold two sides. The other two sides have only indentations but have not been folded. Therefore, it is not easy to open the carton. It is easy to jam on the cargo assembly line. The pre-folded carton is easy to open and is suitable for automatic loading and packaging machines, especially medicine boxes, which basically use pre-folded box gluing machines.

      3. Folder gluer with hook bottom: it is all kinds of folder gluers

      The most complex equipment in the machine is also difficult to debug. It not only has the functions of the above two types of folder gluers, but also can fold and paste the bottom of the box. The box pasted in this way is particularly easy to open when in use, and the bottom is already glued, so there is no need to insert the bottom manually, which is called an automatic bottom in the industry. Generally, high-end packaging boxes (such as cosmetic boxes) adopt a hook bottom structure. In foreign countries, more than 50% of the packaging boxes use the bottom hook method, while the domestic hook bottom box accounts for less than 10%. The main reason is that the domestic hook bottom glue box equipment is small and the price is high. Therefore, most of the domestic boxes can only use traditional Insert the bottom manually.

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